Maintain feminine hygiene area must be carried by all women. But it can not be arbitrary because if done carelessly, the process to maintain the cleanliness and health of the vagina can actually make your vagina irritation, even a loss of balance pH.Jessica Shepherd, MD, a gynecologist at the University of Illinois say basically the vagina has a remarkable mechanism to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Normally, the vagina has a pH level of 3.5-4.5. Meanwhile, hygiene products like soap foam is often the possibility of 'migrated' to the vagina generally has a pH of 8."This could make the pH balance in the vagina is damaged, causing itching, irritation, and smells. It is better to use soap bars that contain relatively little alcohol or fragrances. Well, to wash your vagina should use clean water," said Shepherd.Although, at certain times there are times when a woman is advised to use a special soap to keep the vagina area. Well, in order to clean the area of ​​the vagina, you should use a soft cloth instead of a bath sponge.
"Using a sponge bath especially made of fibers, can certainly make the skin in the vagina hurt and consequently you prone to infection," said Shepherd, quoted from the Women's Health on Friday (05/08/2015).He warned, too excited when wiping the vaginal area too dangerous so you just have to do it gently. When the scrub area in the vagina should also be careful because if reckless, good bacteria in the vagina can die."Levels of pH in the vagina is very sensitive. When you rub the inside of the vagina with a firm and are not careful, could turn up the pH balance of good bacteria die and it will allow the bad bacteria to get into the vagina," said Shepherd

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