Every living creature, even organs in the body, it would have experienced growth. Which was originally immature, with age will maturation. Well, when old age was growing organs of the body part of aging, not least the area around the vagina. Because aging is a necessity. Then how the vaginal environment when growing older age?

Here are some of the conditions around the vagina when old age is increasing,

1. Pubic Hair No Longer Crystals

When the age of a woman ages, when no longer in the reproductive age, hair generally not selebat vaginal area first. It is not bald at all, but was reduced quite a lot. Actually, not only hair in the pubic area is reduced, but also in other areas such as in the head, legs, and also under the armpit.

"With age, the hair on the head and genitals both selebat not currently reproductive age (20 to 30 years), it is influenced by hormonal levels of the body. In addition to a change in hair texture becomes rougher, can also change hair color bleached or faded color, "said Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK.

Discoloration on pubic hair may not look too obvious because only experienced any color fading. It was Dr. Eddy said when a patient asks about his wife's pubic hair that turned into a rare and undergo color fading with age.

Dr. Margery Gass, a gynecologist and also Executive Director of The North American Menopause Society said that although the majority of older women's hair is reduced, but in the body of some people actually appear new hair. "There are women who so have his facial hair or other body parts that are not desirable," he said

2. Lips Vagina sagging

Natural childbirth several times, regularly having sex with her husband, plus age can make vaginal lips slack and sagging. Enrina Dr. Diah SpBP, plastic surgeons of Ultimo Aesthetic and Dental Center in Jakarta, said lip sagging vagina besides disturbing intimate relationship also was not a pretty sight. Besides not beautiful, pussy lips sagging too often jammed in panties.

The solution, labiaplasty can be done. Labiaplasty is cosmetic surgery performed to make vaginal lips back looks tight and not sagging. If done, labiaplasty will not add to or diminish the quality of sexual intercourse.

3. Wall Vagina More Light
The loss of estrogen when a woman enters menopause gives dramatic changes in appearance and function of the vagina.
Dr. Yael Swica, assistant clinical professor at the Center for Family and Community Medicine, Columbia University, said the length of the vagina can shrink and irritation can occur because the vaginal wall becomes thinner, loses elasticity, and also the humidity.

"20 Up to 50 percent of women have complaints, burning and itching," said Dr. Swica.

4. Dry Vagina
Declining levels of estrogen at menopause or before menopause (perimenopause) is a major cause disruption on female genital lubrication, so the vagina feels dry. Estrogen helps keep vaginal tissue healthy by maintaining vaginal lubrication, normal tissue elasticity and acidity. These factors create a natural defense against vaginal and urinary tract infections.

But when estrogen levels decline, the natural defense is also decreasing, which ultimately makes the lining of the vagina less elastic, more fragile, thin, and increased risk of urinary tract infections.

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