For some couples, making love can not always be done immediately. Sometimes it takes time to warm up, while the daily bustle leaving only a matter of hours or even minutes with the couple.

Conditions such as these gave birth to the term quickie, namely ritual lovemaking in a short time. Couples who are very busy and do not have much time to warm up, often must practice love style lightning-paced yet quite challenging.

Would need an adjustment, because for some people is not easy to get the mood in a hurry. Some of the tricks that can be done, among others, as follows,

1. Choose a location

Making love in a place that's it certainly boring, and do not be surprised if quickie not succeed without selecting a new location. Choose locations that are 'challenging' but still safe, for example in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Different sensations will evoke the mood faster.

2. Leave the clothes on the body

One thing which was very 'exciting' quickie was a sensation when in a hurry. Visualize sensation with no overall undress. Leave the clothes in, or even if it could do with a complete outfit.

3. Vary the position

Quuickie favorite position is to stand up, either face to face or doggie alias backs. Facing position allows for a more intense eye contact, while the doggie position gives the sensation of a more 'wild' and challenging.

4. Mutual praise

Do not forget to praise each other, at least to raise their egos. The confidence that grows when complimented would help keep the mood during sex. Sigh created when talking while wheezing can also be a 'stove' that would be more heat up the atmosphere.

5. Take advantage of lubricants

However, not everyone can get optimal lubrication within a very limited time. In addition to continuously provide enough stimulation so that the pair aroused, there is no harm in also adding artificial lubricants to improve the comfort.

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